Inflatable Combo Bounce Houses

Investing in and providing children with the best fun there is, is our specialty at Temple Bounce House Rentals. Combo Bounce House Rentals for kids are the best of both worlds.

It offers both a bounce house and inflatable slide that is tied together; all-inclusive inflatable. Who feels like bouncing a good time right now? Sure you want to? That’s exactly what we have readily available at our Combo Bounce House Rentals just for your fun all day long.

The Super Fun

A combo bouncer which we call “bounce house with a slide” is a bit like a standard bounce house, but the fun part in the difference is that it comes with some extra fun elements for your kiddos to party extra-well and have the best time of their lives.

Our Combo Bouncer Slide

With our Combo Bounce House Rentals, they can jump, climb and slide which makes it even more exciting, meaning more fun. A slide allows riders to zip down into a safe inflatable bumper as well as the choice sliding into the water combos, a splash pool area. And you know what? Our obstacle Courses are even bigger than our combo houses.

In Need Of Extra Space

You may be in need of more space and an extra table for foods, drinks, and gifts or any other added party or event requirements. Could be additional seats for your guests to keep everyone comfortable or space for games or drama. We have that covered for you too!

Baby Boy Smiling

Themed Combos We Offer:

Pink & Purple Themed Combo

With an exciting themed combo bouncer rental like this, you are provided with a four feature rental unit designed to be flexible enough to be customized with your favorite character theme. The entrance comes with a large inflatable ramp, with no bumps and bruises as children go inside in excitement.

Character Themed Combos

This Themed Combo is similar to the Pink Character Themed combo. It is a brightly colored unit that is captivating to both boys and girls. Its many fun features make it a central piece of attraction considering that it has a large bounce area, inside basketball hoop, inflatable entrance ramp, and an internal climb & slide.

Pink Character Combos

Exciting choice indeed! This unit is a hub for fun features and a centerpiece attraction. It has a large bounce area, an inflatable entrance ramp, an inside basketball hoop, plus the ever extra exciting internal climb & slide. There are over 100 different character themed graphics to choose from which have your favorite cartoons or movie stars.

The 4 in 1 Deluxe Character Combos

This Themed Combo Bouncer rentals is a combination of all the best in inflatable fun offers. It offers a big bouncer besides exciting climb & slide feature. With favorite cartoon character or Movie Star graphics, the kids can party as they wish.

Curvy Slide Combos

It is a 4 in 1. This combo is great for everything party fun. It is rich in features. A castle design that appears larger, extensive bounce area, a to its extra-large curvy slide for your children who will spend an hour of non-stop excitement in our Combo Bounce House Rentals. It’s your choice to customize your for Inflatable Combo Bounce House Rentals with over 100 cartoons, movie stars, and themed graphics.

Boy Climbing
Girl Hiding

Combo Bounce House Rentals

At Temple Bounce House Rentals we have hundreds of your favorite combos, and you just need to contact us to setup the fun 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm. If you are looking for Inflatable Combo Bounce House Rentals, then we are there for you with combos of all sizes, colors, shapes, and themes.

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