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Trusting the best means putting value in your experience and making a lifetime worth of exciting memories.


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We add an extra smile to the faces of each child who experiences our temple bounce house rentals. We provide an avenue for them to laugh a little bit longer, play in a more carefree manner and interact with other children in a safe haven.

Providing inflatables for house parties is our way of adding a new adventure to each home as they celebrate a new milestone, may it be a child’s birthday, a moving up event, a graduation, or simply reuniting with family members after quite some time. Our objective is help parents provide a better way to children to play and have fun without compromising their security.

We are made up of a team of hardworking, accommodating and eager installers and marketers who make doing business with us such a treat. We always make time for our clients by listening to what they want to achieve and giving them the best options that are also suited to their budget.

Texas Bounce House Rentals

What Makes Us Different. We have years of experience building relationships with our clients and we have come to know what really makes them happy at the end of the day – prompt service and good quality. Knowing these, we make it a point to go the extra mile to put a smile on their faces and make their events worth remembering. In doing so, we keep their loyalty and patronage.

To us, Temple Bounce House Rentals is not just about making money. It is also about being part of every special occasion and add a little something more that will make it extraordinary. Knowing that we have added value to each experience means so much to our team.

We understand how valuable it is for families to make meaningful and lasting memories together most especially during special occasions. Contributing to the joy and satisfaction that clients experience when working with us also fulfills our mission to be able to touch lives of many families in our community.

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To ensure that the home bounce rentals and inflatables are properly installed, we have a team of professional and skilled installers who can take care of this. Our installation time is fast regardless of the size of the item. We assure all our clients that the item will be up and running long before the official event or party begins.



We have technicians and installers on standby and on call just in case our installations need troubleshooting. While this is a rare occurrence especially when the event has already started, we still take extra caution by being prepared so that the party continues even after experiencing glitches.



Our team is able and excellent in cleaning the installation before children are allowed to frolic on it. We sanitize the installation to make sure that children are protected from unwanted germs. We use environment friendly materials that are especially safe for kids as well.


Free Consultation

If you are still unsure about what kind of fun you want to offer in your child’s party, sit down with us and know your options. Our installations vary depending on the mood of the party and the preference of the celebrant.

Get Ready!

Brace yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our trusted temple bounce installations! Even you would like to try it as an adult! And guess what! Even adults can have a grand time on our installations.

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